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With the contestant deadline just past for The Amazing Race Canada, thousands of crazy Canuck couples have submitted video applications designed to convince producers that they should compete.  Among the craziest looking for a coveted spot on this inaugural season are Vancouver brothers Josh and Spandy Andy Rimer.

Brothers Josh and Spandy Andy Rimer are looking to be contestants on the first season of The Amazing Race CanadaAfter watching the video application from the twosome (you can find it below), you might be forgiven in thinking that perhaps they are not quite as serious as some of the other reality show wannabes, but according to brother Josh, the gay half of this dynamic duo, nothing could be further from the truth.

“We were going to make a typical audition video but as we were filming we were having all these laugh attacks and this is really who we are,” insists Josh who, like his brother, have created separate followings as YouTube personalities.

Avid fans of the American show, the duo was always disappointed that Canadians were ineligible to compete and jumped on the opportunity when this home-grown version came about.

“My brother and I are a crazy little team,” says Rimer as to why he decided to team up with Andy.  “We get along really well, but we’re also very different people.  We argue a lot as brothers do, but in the end we can work together really well.  We’re really unique, outgoing and entertaining siblings”.

Being a little crazy is actually something Josh hopes will take them to the end if they were to find themselves part of the show.

“[Other contestants] would probably look at us and think we wouldn’t do very well on the show and write us off, but that could work to our advantage,” says Rimer.

With a race that producers say will criss-cross up to 9,000 kilometres and with potential stops in all 10 provinces and three territories, the Rimer team will have to call on everything they can to get that advantage.

“We’re both really creative and would come up with lots of ideas,” says Rimer as to the duos strategy to winning.  “We respect each other and give in quickly when someone comes up with a better idea and while we argue we don’t fight.”

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