Parade of Lost Souls returns to East Van

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Vancouver’s Parade of Lost Souls gets a make-over in 2011 with a two week re-imagining of this perennial East Van celebration.

Vancouver's Parade of Lost Souls returns to East VancouverThis year, the Festival asks ‘What’s the skeleton in your closet?’ and takes its theme of ancestral secrets to its workshops, fundraiser dance party, and the much-lauded Secret Souls Walk.

Presented since 1995, the Parade of Lost Souls has become a cherished East Vancouver tradition during Halloween. Starting as a small, community gathering, the event grew into a massive celebration, attracting more than 60,000 and requiring parts of Commercial Drive to be shut down. In 2009, with cuts to funding the event was cancelled. In 2010, the community rallied and Parade of Lost Souls returned in a new, revitalized form: as a mysterious, guided walk throughout decorated streets, alleyways, and open spaces of East Vancouver.

“What makes Parade of Lost Souls so special is the community,” says Ari Lazar, Artistic Producer of Parade of Lost Souls. “The event isnʼt the brainchild of a single artist or small team, but the product of a whole neighbourhood of individuals working together to create event that is profoundly unique and completely unforgettable. The community comes out to create the magic, weʼre just here to bring all the pieces together.”

The heart of Festival, the Secret Souls Walk will begin at 5pm on October 29 from an undisclosed location, kept secret until the very day of the event, and consists of a guided walk through the alleys, streets, and spaces of East Vancouver. Along the way, participants will encounter dancers, musicians, ghouls, ghosts, installation art, street performers, and more.

Parade of Lost Souls Festival
18 – 29 October 2011

Visit for information on all the events during the Festival including the Secret Souls Walk on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

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