The boys are back with new jobs in locally shot series

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Season two of the locally shot Don’t Quit Your Gay Job gets underway as hosts Rob Easton and Sean Horlor try their hands at a few new jobs.

Don't Quit Your Gay JobIn the season opener which has already begun airing, Easton and Horlor train as rookies with our very own men in blue, the Vancouver Police Department.  In future episodes the duo will also get lessons from pro-wrestlers, renowned chefs and Vancouver’s top aestheticians and hair stylists amongst others as the gay job shenanigans continue.

In Don’t Quit Your Gay Job, Easton and Horlor meet the expert in a particular field who teaches them how to do the job. Then they compete to see who does the job better.

“The show is really coming into its own now. We’ve got a great thing going and each episode gets more interesting and exciting. They’ll see lots of action, not to mention eye-candy, in our work with ECCW Pro Wrestlers. They’ll get a greater understanding of police work in our show with the Vancouver Police. And they’ll get to see both of us make asses of ourselves as we try to actually cut real people’s hair. It’s a great season and I am really happy to share it with OUTtv viewers.” said Easton.

One of the most watched shows on OUTtv, its inaugural season received three Leo Award nominations.  The series also airs in the Netherlands and in the United States where it was recently voted as the #1 favorite new gay series by Here! Network.

Don’t Quit Your Gay Job airs every Monday at 8pm Pacific on OUTtv.

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