Vancouver Art Gallery

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We can’t think of another world-famous art gallery that occupies an entire courthouse but the Vancouver Art Gallery (or VAG as it is affectionately referred to by locals) also boasts a ghost among its collections.

Vancouver Art Gallery“Charlie” is said to live in the catacombs, where the holding cells of the former courthouse were located, and is also said to be the spirit of William Charles Hopkinson, an immigration officer who was murdered there in 1914.

Hangings are still a major feature here – the gallery offers changing exhibitions of historical and contemporary art by regional, national, and international artists, plus an extensive permanent collection of Emily Carr masterworks.

The VAG permanent holdings number nearly 10,000 artworks, making the gallery among the valuable collections in Canada.

The 2008/2009 Vancouver Art Gallery will feature a wide variety of exhibitions.  Be sure to visit the Vancouver Art Gallery website for details on these and other upcoming exhibitions.

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