Movie review: The Coast is Queer


A scene from Trench Coast Lesbians by Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy

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Hilarious, weird, moving and maniacal, but always entertaining, here are short reviews to go along with the short films presented during this evening of movies from local filmmakers (plus trailers and full-length versions of the films where available).

Sissy – Jen Crothers

Jen Crothers

As fun now as when it first showed last Saturday. Sissy power!

Trench Coat Lesbians – Ryan Steele & Amy Goodmurphy

Hilarious and weird flirting between two “lesbians”, in the style of a 60s B-movie. Bonus: I learned more slang terms for “vagina” in those five minutes than I ever have in my entire life. (Photo above a scene from Trench Coast Lesbians)

A Love Story – Brandy Svendson

Michael Vonn fondly reminisces about her relationship with Billy, a drag queen who died of AIDS in 1988, and how it continues to haunt her (in a good way) to this day.

Up and Down – Jason Karman

The story of a tomboy learning how to play the yoyo and hang with the boys. It’s not actually queer since she is interested in one of those boys, at least until her girlier older sister swoops in. But in a refreshing twist, the happy ending was not to end up in a couple, but rather to make friends and keep doing what she loved best.

Body.Cake.Lake. – Michael V Smith

A naked woman. By a lake. Eating a cake. Smearing all over herself. A fun little short by Michael V Smith.

Queer Arts Festival – SD Holman interview – Stephen Emery

Artist, photographer and Pride In Art Society Artistic Director SD Holman talks passionately about her work, the Queer Arts Festival, and why it’s so important to make space for queer / trans creatives.

StandStill – Joella Cabalu

In this moving documentary, Joella Cabalu turns the camera on her gay younger brother and her devoutly Catholic parents, bringing them together in one room for an interview. It’s hard to watch, since it’s less a conversation than people talking at each other… but it’s a start.  Interestingly, Joella narrates that she feels responsible for mediating between her brother and parents. It’s good that she brought herself into the documentary as more than a dispassionate observer because she is part of the story.

Whispers of Life – Florian Halbedl

An intriguing little short of a mysterious man who talks a bullied teen out of suicide. Gorgeous visuals and delicious hints of magic.

A Message – Clark Nikolai

Who else but Clark Nikolai would do a short movie about an apocalyptic deluge of ejaculate from a distant galaxy threatening life on Earth? I hear he’s doing a sci-fi movie, too. Can’t wait!

Exempli Gratia – Clark Nikolai

Clark Nikolai’s second offering, and it kind of went over my head. Found footage with lists of mental disorders? Maybe I need to watch it a second time for it to make sense…

Hall of Mirrors – Jose Manuel Navarro

A manically mysterious short. I don’t think I got this one either, but I still enjoyed it!

All Good Things – Ian Tang

You start out both laughing and squirming in your seat as these two hilariously incompatible guys try to have sex. but the very last bit was disturbing since Guy #1 did not appear to consent to being fucked. There and gone, and honestly it’s only in hindsight that it started bothering me. Is this what the filmmakers were going for?

Punch My Tammy – Ryan Steele

A catchy little song about anal love…

The Coast is Queer.  No further screenings at the 2014 Vancouver Queer Film Festival.

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