Eating healthy isn’t just for the pageant stage

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For beauty queen and transgendered activist Jenna Talackova eating healthy isn’t just about looking fit for the pageant stage, it’s about feeling good from the inside out, every day.

Jenna Talackova with The Food GaysThe Food Gays had the opportunity to chat with Talackova (pictured right with The Food Gays Adrian and Jeremy) during her recent stint as one of the Grand Marshals of the 2012 Vancouver Pride parade, where she shared the important role food plays in her busy schedule, how it’s helped her overcome depression, and helped to transform her life.

Tell us a bit about your diet, and what types of foods you eat.

Nutrition is so important, I can’t live without it. I eat usually a vegan raw diet, but I’ve now adopted the blood type diet. I’m a blood type A, so I have tons of greens, tons of non-tropical fruits, more berries, apples, and local stuff. I eat a lot of white fish, and salmon maybe once a month, or once every two weeks.

What’s your main source of protein?

I have a really good protein powder called Sun Warrior ($64.95, available online at It’s raw vegan protein made out of hemp, chia, split pea and cranberry protein. It works really well. I mix it with almond milk, and sometimes I add a little extra chia, and some ice.

We were just talking with your mom, and she was telling us how important eating healthy has been for you. Has she been a big inspiration in that?

I started studying nutrition just based on personal belief. My mother though, she’s the true nutritionist. I’m more of the diva entertainment ho! I love nutrition though… you know, I didn’t completely pass, ‘cause now I have a new career… but I’ll always be an advocate for yoga, I always have my warm lemon water, alkalize the body, get the digestion going… I do yoga poses. Right now I’m doing Brazilian butt-lift, I’m on my third week now.

So if you were going to indulge, what would it be?

I’m like the biggest diabetic freak ever! I am all about dark chocolate.  There’s a Camino Peanut Butter Chocolate bar ($1.49 ea, available at MEC). It’s vegan, and organic… It’s so good.”

Was it hard staying fit and eating right during the Miss Universe pageant?

For the pageant I had two trainers, and did a lot of kick boxing. They feed you shit there too… so, I went a day earlier with a friend and went to Whole Foods, and just stocked up in my room.

So this really is a way of life for you.

Oh yeah. I was very depressed and saddened, and my hormones were all over the place. I was a wild child. I was partying a lot, and wasn’t in the right mind. Then I adopted Buddhism, exercise and eating right and it changed my whole life. Now look at me!

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