Gary Levy is as much a foodie as he is glitter aficianado

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We’ll let you in on a little secret: The Food Gays are huge Big Brother fans and when we heard it was coming north for the first time we were eager to tune-in. And it didn’t disappoint with its usual cast of colourful characters that included the flamboyant Gary Levy, who mistakenly lost out on the $100,000 grand prize, and who we discovered also has a passion for food.

Gary Levy

Gary “Glitter” Levy

Despite having lots out on the cash because of a mistake in the final vote, for Levy being on Big Brother Canada wasn’t about being number one. It was about representing the LGBT community during his 71 days inside the house, and he is more than satisfied with the outcome.

“I feel like I’ve won,” he recently told the Calgary Herald about his experience on the reality show franchise. “I completed my goal and I honestly feel like a winner.”

The glitter. The humor. The confidence! This guy is fierce, and he was never afraid to be himself or one of his many alter-egos on camera. Fans like us adored his genuine personality, and his wicked game play throughout the series. It wasn’t until he broke down during a particularily epic week that Gary showed us just how much he loved his food, declaring “my life is gourmet!” in an unforgettable montage filled with lots of tears and even more glitter!

We caught up with “Glitter Gary”, as he became known on the show, to chat about what he missed eating most while living inside the Big Brother house, where you might catch him while out and about in Toronto, and just how exactly he managed to ‘pretty-up’ that ugly Big Brother slop, and we’re guessing it wasn’t with glitter.

Which foods did you miss the most when you were living inside the Big Brother house?

I really love Jamaican food, so things like oxtail, curried goat, jerk chicken, rice and peas and plantains… like, I was missing my roots a bit. Oh, and I fucking love carrot cake, with a thick cream cheese icing on top.

Who had the best cooking out of all your housemates? The worst?

I cooked the best, duhhhh! My food not only tasted good, but it looked fabulous on the plate. Topaz can not cook a lick, I was teaching her how to cook inside the house.

Your first “slop” week was pretty unforgettable. How did you deal?

Honestly, it was so hard. I drank a lot of water. I would put (the slop) in the microwave for a couple minutes, and add brown sugar and eat it.

When you’re at home, what kind of foods do you like to make?

At home I love making chicken parmesan – every time I make it I try something different, but it’s like my perfect dish. I’ll do eggplant and a Spanish salad as well, and lots of wine.

What are some of your favorite places to go eat in Toronto?

There’s a place in the Beaches called Green Eggplant, it’s very cute family fun there. It’s fresh, I like it there. If it’s like a hot date and he is buying, I would go to Ki – it’s super pricy, but the food is amaze.

How much weight did you lose in the BB house? You looked fit in the finale!

Awww, thank you! I think all together I lost like maybe twenty pounds. Yeah, it was weird kind of fading away, but my finale dress was fitting good, so I’m thankful.

You can follow Gary on Twitter at @GaryLevyOnline

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