New day, new gays: our 2013 resolutions

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Seriously guys, it’s almost mid-January. If we don’t get on this New Year’s resolution thing soon, chances are it will be a lot of the same for 2013. Which wouldn’t be the worst thing ever, but let’s face it, we all could use a little sprucing up … and that’s the whole point of resolutions, right? Dropping your old habits, and picking up healthy new ones. A new day, a new gay!

The Food Gays work on their 2013 resolutions.To be completely honest, we haven’t bought into the whole New Year resolution thing in the past.   While there are a ton of things we’d like to improve come January 1st each year, we’ve never taken the time to put them into words before. So, we thought we’d put our heads together to come up with a list of our most mutually important goals, and ways we could work toward achieving them together.

Here’s our top three resolutions for 2013 (we spared everyone and scratched “go to the gym” off the list):

Eat local and organic, when possible.

This is a big one, and something we’re trying to pay more attention to, aiming to be more aware of where our fruits, veggies and groceries come from as well as in supporting our local farmers – and not just because it’s “what’s in”.

We’re starting out with a Fresh Harvest box from Vancouver’s own Sustainable Produce Urban Delivery (SPUD) who provides a dizzying selection of high quality, local products.

We’re even willing to help you give SPUD a try with a chance to win a $50 SPUD gift card.

Eat more green vegetables.

When we did our Meatless Movember project a couple months back, we incorporated an entire library of veggie-fueled meals into our diet. Since then, however, we just haven’t been keeping up with the greens quite as much as we could.

Incorporating more greens into our meals is something we’re going to pay more attention to, whether it is a simple garden salad or a side of steamed broccoli. We already use a lot of tomato, onion and garlic in our everyday cooking, so the real effort will be in amping it up with extra healthy produce like collard greens, asparagus and spinach. Kale chips, anyone?

Create a meal plan. Every week.

Sure, we’re food bloggers, but we’d be lying if we said we ate well all of the time. We have days where both of us are pretty much stumped for creative meal ideas, and we end up resorting to something definitely not worth posting about. It only seems to happen when we don’t plan, and this lack of planning usually means spending more money and less enjoyment.

So this year, we’re hoping to dedicate time each week to a solid, realistic meal plan. To make it more doable, we’re going to swap the duty each week, and stick to it. Creating a detailed meal plan will not only help us with our weekly shopping, but save us time and money in the process. has some great resources that will definitely come in handy with this resolution.

So there you have it, three small changes we’re determined to make in 2013.   Check back at the end of the year and see how we did … who knows, maybe we’ll even have made it to the gym.

The Food Gays

The Food GaysThe Food Gays

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