Sean Neild is on an adventure in flavor town

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Since beginning his blog nearly two years ago, writer and photographer Sean Neild has become one of the top food bloggers in Vancouver, dishing out restaurant and food advice in Sean’s Adventures In Flavor Town.

Sean Neild is the man behind Sean's Adventures in Flavor TownWhen he isn’t busy with his work at Microsoft, you’ll usually find Sean behind the camera (photo right courtesy of the man himself) taking mouth watering photos of his latest meal, a slice from The Pie Hole (photo below by Sean Neild) or working on his next piece as a correspondent with Food Network Canada’s Eat St., as contributor to the online food magazine Eat In Eat Out and of course his own Adventures In Flavor Town blog.

Given our mutual interest, we set out to ask Sean a few questions about his own journey in food blogging and find out about some of the favorite food adventures he’s had along the way.

What keeps you motivated to blog?

The shear variety of food here in our city, as well as the fact you can travel the world cuisine-wise. It’s something that keeps me motivated to get out there and share my food adventures with the world.

What do you love most about photography?

The ability to capture a moment in time that will never happen again – as well as the ability to tell a story with pictures.

What are some of your biggest accomplishments?

Having my photography featured in the new Eat St. cookbook, as well as an upcoming issue of Chatelaine Magazine. Outside of the blogging world I would have to say that working on the Microsoft Kinect device with in-home testing and voice recognition was something that gives me great satisfaction, it’s great to know I was involved with something that gets kids off the couch and encourages them to physically interact with the game on the screen.

Suggest for us five “Flavor Town Adventures” that we must try.

  1. A weekday afternoon in the spring or summer doing a tour of our amazing street food scene. Vancouver has Top Chef talent, as well as some of the most unique dishes you won’t find in any restaurant.
  2. Eating king crab at one of our fine Chinese restaurants is a must do in late February to early March – the season is literally only 2 weeks long.  It’s an experience you want to have with 8 or 9 of your friends considering the cost, but it’s something that you will remember for the rest of your life.
  3. Taking a trip out historic Steveston is a “Flavor Town Adventure” that will fill your belly with great fish and chips, but also a tour of the Gulf of Georgia Fish Cannery which is a Parks Canada National Historic Site that commemorates the history of Canada’s West Coast fishing industry from the 1870’s to the present.
  4. For the craft beer lovers out there, check out one of the many year-round Vancouver CAMRA [Campaign for Real Ale] beer dinners.  Each is a multi-course, chef prepared custom menu that is completely suited to the individual beers of the night.  I’ve been to a few and always walk away with an even greater appreciation of our great craft beer scene here in British Columbia.
  5. If you’re a Food Network watcher or junkie like myself, doing a Diner’s, Drive In’s and Dives or You Gotta Eat Here restaurant adventure is always good times. We’ve had some delicious dishes featured and the list is going to be even greater this year.

Sean Neild photoIf you had to eat the same foods everyday, what would they be?

An omelet for breakfast, because the filling possibilities are endless, and it’s a great way to start the day.

For lunch I’d have to go with the classic cheeseburger. It’s actually one of my favorite dishes since I was a child, and can bring me back to being 10 years old all over again.

For dinner it would have to be sushi, specifically an avocado maki roll and BC Roll, the flavors in both are simple and the BC Roll showcases the beautiful fish that we are known worldwide for.

To cap things off in the sweets department I would have to go with the Parisian Macaron in any of the classic flavors. For me it’s the ‘everything’ I look for in a sweet treat – soft and delicate, yet bold in flavor, with just the right amount of sweetness.

If you had one piece of advice for a budding photographer, what would it be?

One piece of advice I would give to someone just starting out in photography, specifically food photography, is that your pictures won’t just come out of your camera looking publication worthy. Investing in good post processing software is a recommended thing to do.  Correcting and adjusting exposure, contrast and a few other key items will make a world of difference with your images.  The one thing I would say over all though is to just get outside and shoot pictures of what ever strikes your fancy. This leads to more confidence as a photographer and you’re never going to stop learning new things!

You can find Sean’s Adventures in Flavour Town online or follow him on Twitter.

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