This Tasting Plates provided the ultimate in desserts

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Last weekend we hit up another edition of Tasting Plates Vancouver, and while it continues to be one of our favorite food events in the city, this edition was unlike any before it.

The Food Gays enjoy Tasting Plates Vancouver Ultimate DessertsFor those that are unfamiliar with the Tasting Plates Vancouver concept, it combines a three-hour scavenger hunt of sorts with great food at a number of restaurants and cafes in Vancouver.   Where previous versions are usually created around geographic areas, this latest edition literally took the cake as it focused entirely on desserts.

We began our dessert quest at Rocanini Coffee Roasters, a quaint coffee shop located on East 5th Avenue where we grabbed our map of participating restaurants and enjoyed a coffee before heading out.

Our second stop was Bob Likes Thai Food where we enjoyed a refreshing Tub Tim Krob, a traditional Thai dessert made with coconut milk, chestnuts, pomegranates and jack fruit. It was sweet and had an interesting texture.

Next up was Bibo, who were offering a smorgasbord of chocolate delights including chocolate pizza, tiramisu and chocolate brick, which was just as appetizing as it sounded. Our fave though was the chocolate pizza, but who doesn’t love pizza!

Moving on, we headed further west to Trees Organic in Kitsilano. A beautiful little café, the service was super friendly, and their generous serving of two different cheese cakes had us taking a few extra minutes to enjoy ourselves.

Also included was WE Coffee Roasters on Robson, where we enjoyed a delicious pour-over coffee. They also had a selection of waffles with fruit, but we decided to stick to the coffee which is roasted in small batches daily, so we knew we were getting a fresh cup. They’re super passionate about what they’re doing and definitely worth a visit.

At this point it was rush hour and we decided to head to our final stops, Beta5 Chocolates and The Pie Hole, both conveniently located in the same building. We discovered we had saved the best for last as both really outdid themselves on selection.

Beta5 had a mouth-watering selection of some of their most popular creations, including passion fruit cream puffs, salted butter caramels, chocolates and more.

The Pie Hole prepared three different slices, including Adrian’s favorite, key lime. If you haven’t tried The Pie Hole’s amazing desserts yet, you’ll find their pies at cafes around the city, such as Betty on Burrard, Cardero Bottega and Norton Commons.

Despite once again finding ourselves in the usual food coma at the end of a Tasting Plates experience, we’re already looking forward to the next in the series which takes place in our East Vancouver ‘hood on June 19, 2013.  Pre-sale tickets are now available online.

The Food Gays

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