Exploring Vancouver’s burgeoning food truck culture

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For local gay Vancouver events planner Marc Smith life in the city is usually anything but routine.  One lazy Sunday afternoon though, with nothing to do, Smith reached out through social media for inspiration.

Marc Smith explores Vancouver's burgeoning food truck culture over the next 30 days“I was having a day where I was bored, and I felt like doing something touristy in Vancouver, but I couldn’t think of anything to do,” says Smith (pictured right). “So I posted on Facebook to my network and said hey, tell me something to do today and I’ll go do it.”

That post led to more than 25 responses in under two hours and became the impetus for his blog, 30 Day Adventures.

“I realized as the responses were coming in how much I love being a tourist in this city,” explains Smith. “I thought, why not do a little adventure series?  I built a website and blogged for thirty days in a row… [leaving] the activities up to my community. I let them suggest the adventures, and I would go and do them.”

Following the success of 30 Day Adventures, Marc now finds himself headed in a slightly new direction as he focuses on eating and blogging about 30 different food trucks over 30 days.

“Over a six week period from Monday to Friday, I’ll visit a different food truck, which will be suggested to me by my community. In keeping with the first series that I did, I want people to join me on my adventures,” says Smith who will begin his food truck series on Tuesday, September 4, 2012.

Smith is careful to point out that his 30 day culinary adventure is not meant to be a critique of the food he will eat but about building community.

“Food trucks are relatively new to the Vancouver scene, so I want to help showcase some of the people in the kitchen, the owners, and who I’m having lunch with that day.”

When it comes to food, Marc says his tastes these days are kept simple and light, with lots of use of his outdoor grill. “Anything from chicken, lamb, pork, steak… I’ve also been taking vegetables from the market and just grilling those. My absolute favorite is onions. I know it sounds crazy but I love grilled onions.”

Visit 30 Day Adventures or follow Marc on Twitter or Facebook to get the scoop on his tasty new adventure, and be sure to let him know where he should go eat. Who knows, maybe you’ll be one of the 30 people joining him!

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