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The summer may be upon us but that doesn’t mean things slow down on Vancouver stages.  Here is what is set to play Vancouver stages in July and August 2011, including shows with an LGBTQ! connection.

Tough! Tough! Read our review!
Studio 1398
Continues through 3 September 2011Bobby and Tina are nineteen. Bobby gets caught cheating. Tina finds out she’s pregnant. Jill, Tina’s best friend, hates Bobby and welcomes the opportunity to kick his ass. Sometimes life is tough. First written in 1993 this dark comedy by George F. Walker is a wrenchingly funny, painful, and honest depiction of the conflicting desires and troubled relationships that continue to epitomize young people today. Visit http://www.twentysomethingtheatre.com for more information.
Gritty City Theatre Gritty City Theatre
Improv Centre, Granville Island
Continues through July (no end date specified)Grow out your hair and hang onto your aviators – the streets of Vancouver are no longer safe! Take a trip back to the 70s with Vancouver TheatreSports’ improvised cop drama: Gritty City Fever. Cops, crooks, and car chases abound in this 90-minute production that takes inspiration from your favourite 70s cop shows. Will the police get their man, or will the bad guys rule the streets in a reign of chaos? Whether you’re cheering for the cops or for the robbers, the laughs have never been as loud as when Vancouver’s funniest improvisers take the stage. Visit http://www.vtsl.com for tickets and information.
Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Bard On The Beach Shakespeare Festival Read our review! Read our review! Read our review! Read our review!
Vanier Park
Continues through 24 September 2011Bard on the Beach’s 2011 season sees the mainstage production of the light-hearted romantic comedy As You Like It playing in repertory with the classic The Merchant of Venice.  In the studio tent are Henry VI: The Wars of the Roses and Richard III. Visit http://www.bardonthebeach.org for tickets and information.
False Pretences False Pretences
Metro Theatre
27 August – 24 September 2011Is it possible for a swindler to change his ways after being in prison for years? Or will he turn to his old ways when he meets the wealthy widow and best friend of his sister? How will his brother-in-law who was swindled himself react? Visit http://www.metrotheatre.org for tickets and information.

Previously in July & August:

The Country The Country
Carousel Theatre, Granville Island
24 – 27 August 2011One of England’s most celebrated contemporary playwrights, Martin Crimp takes the audience on a dark journey through the nature of relationships in this deconstruction of the bucolic ideal of country living. Visit http://www.airbagproductions.wordpress.com for more information.
Terror at Rock Out Beach Terror at Rock Out Beach
Waterfront Theatre
18 – 27 August 2011
A classic tale of girl meets boy, boy meets girl, girl meets tentacle death. Screaming Chicken Theatrical Society presents a full length Strip-sical. Rock Out Beach is a satirical mash-up of 1960s pop cinema, b-movies and sexploitation films inspired by mix of the early burlesque satires from the late 1800’s and the striptease of the 1960s. Visit http://ScreamingChicken.net for more information.
Cativo Cativo Preview!
Hardline Studios, Gastown
18 – 27 August 2011Jason Weights is an ex-staff sergeant now making his living as an architect in the city. Rodrigo Silveira is a cab driver who immigrated from Brazil after being held and tortured by the U.S. military. Be it providence, fate, or unfortunate coincidence, Jason takes a cab today. Rodrigo’s cab. Visithttp://www.hardlineproductions.ca for more information.
Party This Weekend Party This Weekend Queer content! Preview! Read our review!
Private Residence @ 3079 Copley Street
Through 27 August 2011 (Friday & Saturdays only)The House Party Collective & Scarlet Satin Productions present Party This Weekend, an original site-specific theatre event. Four storylines unfold at a house party…come as a guest and experience an unforgettable night through the eyes of the hostess, the douchebag, the hipster, or the wild child. Visit http://www.partythisweekend.ca for tickets and information.
Sea of Sand Sea of Sand Read our review!
Spanish Banks West
13 – 28 August 2011Sea of Sand follows a trio of characters: a man recovering from amnesia, the wife who doesn’t want him to remember, and a woman who washes up out of the sea, a shadowy figure from their past. Memory and desire are the twin rip tides at work in this lost-and-found story. What if forgetting is safer than remembering? Visit http://www.theonlyanimal.com for more information.
Mama Mia! Mamma Mia! Read our review!
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
16 – 21 August 2011Writer Catherine Johnson’s sunny, funny tale unfolds on a Greek island paradise. On the eve of her wedding, a daughter’s quest to discover the identity of her father brings three men from her mother’s past back to the island they last visited 20 years ago. All set to the music of ABBA.  Visithttp://www.broadwayacrossamerica.com for tickets and information.
Clara/Clara Clara/Clara
18 – 20 August 2011
VSO School of MusicIn the mid 19th century when virtually no women were composers or performers, Clara Schumann did both. She was also Robert Schumann’s wife and mother of eight. In Clara/Clara, two actresses simultaneously portray the two sides of Clara’s competing priorities – composer/pianist and wife. The play Clara/Clara combines theatre with art song, and incorporates the compositions of both Clara and Robert, written during their courtship and 16 year marriage. Visit http://songdrama.com for more information.
Theatre Under The Stars: Bye Bye Birdie and Anything Goes Theatre Under the Stars: Bye Bye Birdie & Anything Goes Read our review! Read our review!
Malkin Bowl, Stanley Park
Through 20 August 2011Theatre Under the Stars presents its 65th season with two award-winning family musicals, Bye Bye Birdie & Anything Goes, under the stars at Malkin Bowl in beautiful Stanley Park. Shows play in repertory starting July 8. Visit http://www.tuts.ca for tickets and information.
bare: a pop opera bare: a pop opera Queer content! Preview! Read our review!
Waterfront Theatre
4 – 13 August 2011A group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school faces issues of sexuality and personal identity. As they struggle to come to terms with who they are, and who the world thinks they should be, they seek answers from their Church, their friends, and ultimately, from within themselves. Its rich, vibrant score draws on many styles of contemporary music.  Visithttp://fightingchanceproductions.ca for more information.
Julius Caesar Julius Caesar
Performance Works
Through 13 August 2011Carousel Theatre’s Teen Shakespeare program returns for a 21st summer with an edgy, modern retelling of the infamous tragedy of Julius Caesar. We’re taking a trip back to the 1940s to set the stage in the dark and thrilling world of a mob family drama. Inspired by Francis Ford Coppola’s ‘The Godfather,’ here’s an offer you can’t refuse… it’s free! Visit http://www.carouseltheatre.ca for more information.
A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline A Closer Walk With Patsy Cline Read our review!
Through 13 August 2011
Arts Club Granville Island StageFrom small town Virginia to the bright lights of Carnegie Hall, Patsy Cline’s legend is a monument to ambition, grace, and talent. This moving tribute to a dazzling star lost at the peak of her career features the classic songs “Walkin’ After Midnight,” “Sweet Dreams,” “Crazy,” and more. Experience the magic of an unforgettable woman and an unforgettable voice. Visit http://artsclub.com for tickets and information.
Gay Monologues Gay Monologues Queer content!
St. Paul’s Anglican Church Labyrinth
27 – 30 July 2011This exciting performance highlights true stories of individuals in our LGBT community, set with an artistic backdrop that will make the audience both laugh and cry. We have so many incredible individuals living right here in Vancouver. While it’s impossible to represent our entire community in one show, this is pretty close. Visit http://gaymonologues.org for more information.
Compassion For Killers Compassion For Killers
Pacific Theatre
27 – 30 July 2011Fathers, brothers, and sons. Four generations of men get the chance for redemption and forgiveness with one man’s journey home. Almost a century after his great-grandfathers release from prison, Connor Strout retraces his ancestors footsteps in an attempt to reconcile his own actions through the tragedies of the men who came before him. To reserve tickets emailwhirlwindtheatre@gmail.com.
nggrfg nggrfg Queer content!
Roundhouse Community Centre
26 & 27 July 2011nggrfg is a revealing and hilarious one-man tour-de-force Play about a queer black kid negotiating the bewildering minefield of straight white Canada: from the schoolyard, to the perils of dating, to the “glamour” of showbiz. nggrfg is for anyone who has ever felt marginalized. Visit http://queerartsfestival.com for tickets and information.
The Gas Heart The Gas Heart
The Cultch (Part of the Neanderthal Arts Festival)
23 – 31 July 2011How does the Oxford English Dictionary define “bootylicious”? Is Helvetica really a fascist typeface? Can I get an STD from unprotected twittering? Find horribly unscientific answers to these and more imperative questions of our time in a modern adaptation of a classic from the Dada movement. Presented as part of the Neanderthal Arts Festival.  Visit http://www.thal.ca for more information.
Chairs: A Parable Chairs: A Parable Preview!
The Cultch (Part of the Neanderthal Arts Festival)
22 – 31 July 2011Drawing inspiration from the theatrical existentialism of Samuel Beckett and serving it up for the sardonic hipster generation, Chairs: A Parable follows the trials and tribulations of three men as they attempt to build a civilized existence for themselves in a barren wasteland. They enjoy a hilariously uneventful life until one man steps forward and does the unthinkable … he builds a giant chair! Presented as part of the Neanderthal Arts Festival.  Visit http://www.thal.ca for more information.
Neanderthal Arts Festival Neanderthal Arts Festival
The Cultch
21 – 31 July 2011Neanderthal Arts is emerging from the Cave for our second year bringing back summer theatre for Vancouver running July 20 – July 31, 2011 at the Cultch. Neanderthal Arts is a curated, developmental arts festival. The professional series provides a platform for theatre artists and companies to showcase and try out new and experimental work. Visit http://www.thal.ca for more information.
Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen Confessions of a Mad Drag Queen Queer content! Preview!
PAL Theatre
21 – 30 July 2011Twenty years ago, Miranda Rights snapped and went on a murderous rampage. She shot her lover, her protégé and her worst enemy. Now at last, Miranda reveals what led up to that fateful night to an eager author. But all is not as it seems as Miranda’s life and sanity begin to unravel again. Visit http://www.ticketstonight.ca for tickets and information.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) The Complete Works of Wiliam Shakespeare (Abridged) (Revised) Preview! Read our review!
Jericho Arts Centre
19 – 30 July 2011The hit comedy show that took Vancouver by storm in repeated remounts between 1997 and 2004 is back – with a newly revised script and directed by one of the original local stars.  Three slightly crazed men try to recreate 37 Shakespearean plays in 97 minutes.  Tickets are 20$ ($15 concession) and can be purchased by phoning 604- 224-8007 Ext 3.
Visits, At First I Thought It Was and Armed Visitors, At First I Thought It Was… and Armed
The Cultch (Part of the Neanderthal Arts Festival)
21 – 24 July 2011Commissioned based on the theme of science, technology, and transformation, the showcase includes a sci-fi thriller that begins with 5 minutes of darkness, a physical reconstruction of rejected technology, and an absurd comedy charting one man’s quest to replace testicles with cannons.  Visithttp://thal.ca for tickets and information.
The Ballad of Bobby Angel The Ballad of Bobby Angel Queer content!
J Lounge
20 July 2011

A campy and comedic, interactive murder mystery. Everyone has their secrets, and these characters are bursting with them. At The Ballad of Bobby Angel you will get to enjoy the selection on the delicious menu of the JLounge, and hear the incredible music of Matthew Presidente. Also, you will witness 8 characters inner most secrets be uncovered, all leading the the final answer of the question: “who is capable of murder?!” Visit the group’s Facebook event page for more information.

project x (faust) project x (faust) Read our review!
Russian Hall
19 – 24 July 2011Known for their innovation, ingenuity and originality, in this production, Leaky Heaven performs devils, demons and deals – both epic and everyday. project x (faust) runs for six evenings only, July 19-24, at the Russian Hall. Visit http://www.leakyheaven.com for more information.
Nunsense Nunsense
White Rock Playhouse
6 – 23 July 2011When Five of the 19 surviving Little Sisters of Hoboken decide to put on a variety show to raise money for a burial of four remaining deceased sisters all hell is about to break loose! Join the star-seeking Robert Anne, the tight-rope walking Mother Superior, the ballet-obsessed Mary Leo, straight shooting Mary Hubert and of course the forgetgul Mary Amnesia (accompanied by her conscience Sister Mary Annette who is, what else? A puppet!). Visit http://fightingchanceproductions.ca for more information.
A Good Woman of Setzuan A Good Woman of Setzuan
The Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden
June 29 to July 24, 2011A Good Woman of Setzuan is a re-imagining of Bertolt Brechtʼs musical parable about the struggle to live a moral life in a society corrupted by greed and selfishness. Three Gods visit the mythical city of Setzuan in search of a “good” person, only to find one in a humble prostitute named Shen Te. But soon a gift from the Gods forces Shen Te to invent an alter ego in order to protect herself and her new-found wealth. Visit http://www.seventyrants.com for tickets and information.
Mom's The Word Remixed Mom’s The Word: Remixed Read our review!
Arts Club Revue Stage
Through 23 July 2011The mother of all shows is back by popular demand! The shockingly funny Moms reunite to bring highlights from the smash hits Mom’s the Word and Mom’s the Word 2: Unhinged to the Arts Club’s Revue Stage. They’ll share their true, intimate tales of the heartache and joy of parenthood, from bun in the oven to the terrible twos to the terrifying teens. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.
The Casino and the Disappearing The Casino and the Disappearing
Pacific Theatre
13 – 17 July 2011In one, two brothers see if blood is thicker than blackjack in old, mafia-run Las Vegas. In another, a middle-class woman looking to disappear forms an unlikely connection with a homeless alcoholic in the alley she finds herself in. Visit http://www.pacifictheatre.org for tickets and information.
The Bread Project The Bread Project
Crab Park
8 – 10 July 2011Theatre Terrific brings you a theatre event like no other. An adaptation of the ancient tale of beautiful Peresphone, seized and stolen away by the god of the underworld. Her mother, Demeter, seeking revenge stops all growth of grain. The Bread Project tells a gripping story that celebrates our long historical partnership with grain and the fruits of its harvest: the making and baking of bread! Visit http://www.theatreterrific.ca for more information.
Harvey Harvey Read our review!
Metro Theatre
Through 16 July 2011One of the longest running plays on Broadway. The story is about an affable man Elwood P. Dowd and his unseen to all but Elwood, presumably imaginary friend Harvey, a six-foot, three-and-one-half-inch tall rabbit. When Elwood starts to introduce Harvey, a pooka, to guests at a society party, his society-obsessed sister, Veta, has seen as much of his eccentric behavior as she can tolerate. She decides to have him committed to a sanitarium to spare her daughter Myrtle Mae and their family from future embarrassment. Visit http://www.metrotheatre.org for tickets and information.
Hairspray Hairspray Preview! Read our review!
Arts Club Stanley Theatre
Through 10 July 2011Amidst the doo-wop and beehives of ‘60s Baltimore, pleasantly plump Tracy Turnblad won’t let popular Amber Von Tussle squash her dream of dancing on a local TV teen variety show. Can a girl with big ideas (and really big hair!) change the world … and win the heart of dreamy Link Larkin? Welcome to the ‘60s! Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.
Bash: Latter-Day Plays Bash: Latter-Day Plays Read our review!
Hardline Studios
27-30 June & 5-9 July 2011’Bash’ is a concussive prayer. Four characters share more with us than their most private confessions: they also share the depths at which they find ways to rationalize their sins. Neil Labute has crafted a drama that is heartbreaking, vicious, and, above all else, human.  All performances by donation ($15 suggested).  Visit http://www.hardlineproductions.ca for more information.
The Verona Project The Verona Project Preview! Read our review!
Pacific Theatre
Through 2 July + 6 & 7 July 2011Set in the present day, in a city much like Vancouver, the story of Romeo and Juliet is played out with an eye towards the joys, pains and mistakes of youth. The Verona Project looks to ask many questions which are relevant to today’s audiences: How do we perpetuate fear and prejudice in our kids? How have we all contributed to the violence and death of our children? Are we destined to follow in the footsteps of our mothers and fathers? Call the Pacific Theatre Box Office for tickets at 604.731.5518.
Three Days of Rain Three Days of Rain
Studio 16
Through 3 July 2011Touching on topics such as mental illness, physical impediments and those who have been hurt and damaged in the past, it ultimately tells the story of individuals working to overcome their struggles in order to achieve their dreams. Visit http://ninjapiratestheatre.com for more information.

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