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As summer fades, we look forward to the beginning of the traditional theatre season in Vancouver.  Here is what is set to play Vancouver stages in September and October 2011, including shows with an LGBTQ! connection.

Are we missing a show? Send us the details and we’ll get you listed! Do you have an LGBTQ! connection – let us know as we’d love to do a preview!

Tosca Cafe Tosca Cafe Read our review!
Through 29 October 2011
Vancouver Playhouse

This radically original fusion of movement and theatre conjures a world in which love, betrayal, and hope emerge from the shadows and disappear with the clink of a glass. Drawing inspiration from the infamous North Beach watering hole that bears its name, Tosca Cafe is set to some of the best music ever made from Hendrix to Puccini. Visit http://www.vancouverplayhouse.com for tickets and information.

Making A Killing Making A Killing
Through 29 October 2011
Metro Theatre

A Broadway playwright, Ted Nelson, his producer, Marty Abrams, and his actress wife, Estelle Price plot to guarantee their new play will succeed. They fake the suicide of Ted, and then escape to Vermont where the spotlight-hating Ted hopes to disappear. Complications ensue when Ted, and his agent, Marge Decker suspect Estelle and Marty are plotting to kill him for real … or are they? Visit http://www.metrotheatre.org for tickets and information.

Debts Debts
19 – 31 October 2011
Roedde House Museum

Inspired by the classic works of Edgar Allen Poe, and set in the style of 80’s slasher flicks, the audience will join five teenagers as they crash a wedding from hell. Visit http://www.itsazoo.org for tickets and information.

The Penelopiad The Penelopiad Read our review!
20 October – 20 November 2011
Arts Club Stanley Theatre

A husband absent for twenty years, a sullen teenage son giving lip, tiffs with the mother-in-law—who wouldn’t be desperate? From one of Canada’s most acclaimed writers comes this fresh and witty retelling of The Odyssey myth. In Margaret Atwood’s contemporary interpretation, Penelope, the long-suffering wife of the hero Odysseus, finally gets to tell her side of the story. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.

Re:Union Re:Union Read our review!
21 October – 12 November 2011
Pacific Theatre

November 2, 1965. A young Quaker named Norman Morrison sets himself on fire in protest of the Vietnam War with his baby daughter at his side – thirty-six years later in light of a new war in a new millennium, can she carry his legacy?  Pacific Theatre and Horseshoes & Hand Grenades Theatre present RE:UNION, a new play by Sean Devine. Visit http://www.pacifictheatre.org for tickets and information.

Us and Them Us and Them LGBTQ Content
21 October – 12 November 2011
The Cultch

Vancouver’s award-winning Headlines Theatre presents their latest interactive production, Us and Them – a fun, moving, and gutsy exploration of how we understand ourselves and how we create divisions between us and ‘others’. Visit http://www.headlinestheatre.com for tickets and information.

Bash: Latter-Day Plays Bash: Latter-Day Plays LGBTQ Content
26 – 29 October 2011
Little Mountain Studios

From award-winning screenwriter and playwright Neil LaBute comes an exploration of what evil looks like in its, seemingly, least likely forms.  A collection of three one-act plays, Bash delves into the dark and menacing minds of everyday people. Tickets are availalbe at the door.

The Here Be Monsters Festival The Here Be Monsters Festival
27 – 30 October 2011
Performance Works

Six independent theatre companies will be put to the test to create one of a kind theatre in 48 hours in Theatre Under The Gun (TUG)! Six independent theatre companies will be put to the test to create one of a kind theatre in 48 hours in Theatre Under The Gun (TUG)! Visit http://herebemonstersfestival.wordpress.com for more information.


Previously in September & October:

7 Stories 7 Stories
19 – 22 October 2011
Capilano University

Fast-paced, sophisticated and hilarious, a man contemplating suicide on the seventh-storey ledge of a building is confronted by the stories of the people who live inside. Visit http://tickets.capilanou.ca for tickets and information.

Steel Magnolias Steel Magnolias
Through 22 October 2011
Richmond Gateway Theatre

Anybody who’s anybody in Chinquapin, Louisiana goes to Truvy’s beauty parlour to get her hair done. Today, Truvy’s new assistant, Annelle, isn’t sure if she’s married or not, but won’t let that get in the way of “doing good hair.” Visithttps://www.gatewaytheatre.com for tickets and information.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum More...
Through 22 October 2011
Jericho Arts Centre

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum takes comedy back to its roots, combining situations from time-tested, 2000-year-old comedies of Roman playwright Plautus with the infectious energy of classic vaudeville. The result is a non-stop laugh-fest in which a crafty slave struggles to win the hand of a beautiful but slow-witted courtesan for his young master, in exchange for freedom. Visit http://fightingchanceproductions.ca for tickets and information.

Circle Mirror Transformation Circle Mirror Transformation Read our review!
Through 22 October 2011
Arts Club Granville Island Stage

A Comedy of Secrets. When Marty gathers four Vermont locals for the first ever drama class in their small town, she has no idea how an injection of hula-hooping and wacky acting games will come to change their lives—including, most unexpectedly, her own.  Visit http://artsclub.com for tickets and information.

The Crucible The Crucible
Through 16 October 2011
Studio 58

When teenage girls are discovered trying to conjure spirits in the forest, the 17th century town of Salem explodes with accusations of witchcraft. The vicious trials that follow expose a community paralyzed by fear, religious extremism and greed. Visit http://www.studio58.ca for tickets and information.

Visions of Vancouver Visions of Vancouver
5 – 15 October 2011
CBC Studio 700

In the spirit of New York, I Love You, and Paris, je t’aime, sets of short films inspired by the theme of place, Pi Theatre will bring you four new short plays written by five of Vancouver’s most exciting contemporary playwrights, each expressing their unique vision of Vancouver. Visithttp://pitheatre.com for tickets and information.

Ride the Cyclone Ride The Cyclone LGBTQ Content More... Read our review!
Revue Stage, Granville Island
Through 15 October 2011

It’s a comedy, a tragedy and a musical ride telling the story of a teenage chamber choir from Uranium, Saskatchewan that dies in a roller coaster accident at a traveling fair. Karnack, a mechanized fortunetelling machine, feels responsible for the young choir’s demise and gives the teens a chance to express themselves to the world after death. Ride the Cyclone is their final recital, where they celebrate their individuality while coming to terms with their untimely demise. Visit http://www.atomicvaudeville.com for tickets and information.

The Trial of Judith K The Trial of Judith K
Frederic Wood Theatre, UBC
Through 8 October 2011

Roughly based on The Trial by Franz Kafka, this black comedy by Vancouver’s Sally Clark follows a modern business woman, Judith K., who finds herself accused of an unknown crime. The harder she delves into the ensuing bureaucratic nightmare, the more firmly she is bound by it, and the more obscure the reasons for her conviction become. Visit http://www.theatre.ubc.ca for tickets and information.

Wicked Shorts Wicked Shorts LGBTQ Content
Through 9 October 2011
The Cultch

After a sold-out run at the Fringe, Wicked Shorts now transforms the Vancity Culture Lab into a fully functioning “culture café” for these short, sweet and delectable plays.  Visithttp://www.thecultch.com for tickets and information.

The Light in the Piazza The Light in the Piazza More... Read our review!
Norman and Annette Rothstein Theatre
Through 9 October 2011

A stunning exploration of love and the struggle between wisdom and hope tells the story of Clara, a beautiful, surprisingly childish young woman, who is holidaying in Florence with her mother Margaret. While sightseeing she loses her hat in a gust of wind that lands at the feet of a handsome Florentine, Fabrizio. In this brief episode there is a spark and an immediate romance begins. Margaret, extremely protective of her daughter, attempts to keep them apart.  Visithttp://www.patrickstreetproductions.com for more information.

Next to Normal Next to Normal Read our review!
Arts Club Stanley Theatre
Through 9 October 2011

Fresh from a remarkable Broadway run comes one of the most lauded musicals of the new century in its first production by a Canadian company. This contemporary musical will shake audiences to the core with its groundbreaking themes and thrilling score. Hailed for the empathy and accuracy with which it portrays a woman coping with bipolar disorder, Next to Normal will find a place next to your heart. Visit http://artsclub.com for tickets and information.

True Love Lives True Love Lives LGBTQ Content More... Read our review!
The Cultch
Through 1 October 2011

Edmonton’s internationally notorious playwright, Brad Fraser, is back with an audacious and outrageous new comedy of bad manners. A huge hit in the UK and during its Canadian premiere in Toronto, True Love Lies opens The Cultch’s 11/12 season with a searing comedy exposing a modern family and their long-held secrets.  Visit http://thecultch.com for tickets and information.

Tucked and Plucked: Vancouver's Drag History Live on Stage Tucked and Plucked: Vancouver’s Drag History Live on Stage LGBTQ Content More...
PAL Vancouver Studio Theatre
23 & 24 September 2011

As part of PAL Studio Theatre Society’s Pioneers of Performance cabaret series, Tucked and Plucked invites audiences to take a peek behind the glitz and glamour and into the history of Drag performance in Vancouver and its impact on social change. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased at 604.684.8028 or at http://www.brownpapertickets.com.

Tuesdays With Morrie Tuesdays With Morrie Read our review!
Pacific Theatre
14 – 24 September 2011

Mitch Albom is a high-flying sports journalist who has made a name for himself as they guy who always says yes. That is, until he is stopped short by the sight of his former college professor and mentor featured on Nightline – because he is dying. What starts as a one-time obligatory visit to appease his conscience becomes a weekly pilgrimage for Morrie Schwartz’s master class in the meaning of life. Visit http://www.pacifictheatre.org for more information.

Bard on the Beach Shakespeare Festival Bard On The Beach Shakespeare Festival Read our review! Read our review! Read our review! Read our review!
Vanier Park
Through 24 September 2011

Bard on the Beach’s 2011 season sees the mainstage production of the light-hearted romantic comedy As You Like It playing in repertory with the classic The Merchant of Venice.  In the studio tent are Henry VI: The Wars of the Roses and Richard III. Visit http://www.bardonthebeach.org for tickets and information.

False Pretences False Pretences
Metro Theatre
Through 24 September 2011

Is it possible for a swindler to change his ways after being in prison for years? Or will he turn to his old ways when he meets the wealthy widow and best friend of his sister? How will his brother-in-law who was swindled himself react? Visit http://www.metrotheatre.org for tickets and information.

Vancouver International Fringe Festival Vancouver International Fringe Festival LGBTQ Content More... Read our review! Read our review!
Granville Island
8 – 18 September 2011

This year’s Fringe Festival will feature over 600 performances by more than 80 groups over 11 days, and is expected to attract over 30,000 attendees.  Visit http://www.vancouverfringe.com for tickets and information.

Tough! Tough! Read our review!
Studio 1398
Through 3 September 2011

Bobby and Tina are nineteen. Bobby gets caught cheating. Tina finds out she’s pregnant. Jill, Tina’s best friend, hates Bobby and welcomes the opportunity to kick his ass. Sometimes life is tough. First written in 1993 this dark comedy by George F. Walker is a wrenchingly funny, painful, and honest depiction of the conflicting desires and troubled relationships that continue to epitomize young people today. Visit http://www.twentysomethingtheatre.com for more information.

Johnny Canuck Johnny Canuck
Waterfront Theatre, Granville Island
1 – 4 September 2011

Wandering troubadour, Johnny, searches for his wife, Beth, who has suddenly deserted him and his daughter for no apparent reason. In Beth’s farewell letter to Johnny, she asks him not to follow her, but Johnny is determined to win his wife back, so he leaves his dear daughter Lilly Sue with their Aunt Marie and begins a trek across Canada in search of his wife.  Visithttp://www.johnstarkproductions.com for more information.

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