On Vancouver stages in March and April

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March and April are shaping up to be another great couple of months for theatre in Vancouver including a few shows with an LGBTQ! connection.

Are we missing a show? Send us the details and we’ll get you listed! Do you have an LGBTQ! connection – let us know as we’d love to do a preview!

Scar Tissue Scar Tissue Review
Revue Stage, Granville Island
Through 28 April 2012

When David’s mother is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he resolves to unravel a mystery that has haunted him for years. Why did she, a gifted and successful painter, abandon her art so abruptly two decades ago? Was her decision related to her current condition? Is David destined to share her fate? With quiet humour and compassion, Scar Tissue meditates on the connection between family, memory, and identity. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.

Hello, Dolly! Hello, Dolly!
Massey Theatre, New Westminster
12 – 28 April 2012

A self-professed “meddling” matchmaker and recent widow, Dolly Levi’s infectious energy charms everyone she meets. Hired to find a match for the grumpy half-millionaire Horace Vandergelder, Dolly has other plans. Setting her sights on Mr. Vandergelder (and his money) for herself, she sets in motion a colourful and captivating musical comedy dream.  Visit http://royalcitymusicaltheatre.com for tickets and information.

Jason and the Argonauts Jason & The Argonauts Review
Waterfront Theatre
13 – 28 April 2012

Don’t let the classical title scare you. This is contemporary comedy at its best as two actors with supersonic energy take you through a re-telling of the ancient Greek myth that is hugely physical and relentlessly funny.  Visit http://www.carouseltheatre.ca for tickets and information.

God of Carnage God of Carnage Review
Vancouver Playhouse
14 April – 5 May 2012

When two young boys get into a playground fight, their parents meet to discuss the incident in a civilized manner. But what begins as a calm and rational debate between grown-ups, soon degenerates into a hysterical evening of name-calling, tantrums and tears before bedtime. A West End and Broadway hit, God of Carnage is fast, furious and very, very funny.  Visit http://www.vancouverplayhouse.com for tickets and information.

The Mousetrap The Mousetrap
Metro Theatre
14 April – 12 May, 2012

It is 1949,and, Mollie and Giles Rawlston a naïve young couple have just opened their home, to paying guests. When one of the guests is murdered, a young detective, Sergeant Trotter arrives, seemingly out of nowhere and then the investigation begins.  Visit http://www.metrotheatrevancouver.com for tickets and information.

Henry and Alice: Into The Wild Henry and Alice: Into The World Review
Arts Club Granville Island Stage
19 April – 26 May 2012

In Michele Riml’s Henry and Alice: Into the Wild, we rejoin the couple from Sexy Laundry, which premiered at the Arts Club in 2004. This time they’re in the wilderness, and they’re not alone—Alice’s free-spirited sister joins them. Each of them comes to the vacation with different expectations, all of which are turned upside down when they’re forced to confront truths about their lives, and lifestyles. Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.

Dragons' Improv Tank Dragons’ Improv Tank Review
Vancouver Theatresports
19 April – 31 May 2012

Improv veterans from Vancouver TheatreSports League (VTSL) gear up in executive attire to play as Improv Dragons in the upcoming parody on popular business shows, named the Dragons’ Improv Tank. Set to premiere on April 19th at The Improv Centre on Granville Island, Dragons’ Improv Tank features Improv Inventors eager to pitch what they believe is the “next biggest improv game” to a panel of discerning Improv Dragons.  Visit www.vtsl.com for tickets and information.

The Boys in the Band The Boys in the Band LGBT Content! preview
PAL Theatre
20 April – 6 May 2012

It’s Harold’s birthday and Michael is your not-so-gracious host for the evening. In the realm of Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf, this ground breaking play from 1968 serves up a catty, inebriated and truthful look into friendships. Set in a New York City loft, this play is timeless and witty.  Visit http://ghostlightprojects.com for tickets and information.


Previously in March & April

Tremors The Last Days of Judas Iscariot Review
The Cultch
10 – 21 April 2012

Part court-room drama, part urban re-telling of myth, this searing look at history’s most infamous double-cross places Judas Iscariot on trial for betraying Christ. As biblical and historical witnesses take the stand, we are forced to re-examine old truths and consider what it means to forgive.  Visit http://tickets.thecultch.com for tickets.

The Bomb-itty of Errors The Bomb-itty of Errors preview Review
Studio 16
Through 22 April 2012

A fast-paced, energetic, musical “ad-rap-tation” of William Shakespeare’s The Comedy of Errors. Elizabethan times get pumped up with live hip-hop flavour, as the actors sing, rap and rhyme fun, catchy and laugh-out-loud songs that retain much of the Bard’s original text all with a live DJ on stage and original music by Anami Vice.  Visit http://www.bombittyoferrors.com for tickets and information.

The Meal The Meal
Pacific Theatre
11 – 14 April 2012

Pacific Theatre presents The Meal by Rick Maddocks, a guest production by The Lost Gospel Ensemble. It’s the Last Supper, told through a funky, theatrical new song cycle inspired by the gnostic gospels and Luis Bunuel’s film The Exterminating Angel. Visit http://pacifictheatre.org for more information.

Home Again Home Again LGBT Content!
PAL Theatre
11 – 15 April 2012

Eighteen years ago Walt Morgan was disowned by his parents when they discovered he was gay. He now returns to his small prairie home town for his father’s funeral. Shortly before his death, his father reached out to Walt in a letter begging for his forgiveness. Will Walt be so well received by his mother?  Visit http://www.ravingtheatre.com for more information.

Cats Cats preview Review
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
10 – 15 April 2012

There’s no better way to introduce your family to the wonders of live theatre than with the magic, the mystery, the memory of Cats. What began as a musical about cats after Andrew Lloyd Webber picked up a book of poems in an airport bookshop has become one of the longest running shows in Broadway’s history. Visit http://vancouver.broadway.com for tickets and information.

The Importance of Being Earnest The Importance of Being Earnest Review
Stanley Industrial Alliance Stage
Through 15 April 2012

What happens when two wealthy playboys—one in the city, one in the country—each pretends to be named Ernest so that he can behave recklessly without besmirching his reputation? In this hilarious Oscar Wilde satire, arguably the wittiest play in the English canon, pandemonium ensues when the duplicitous duo find themselves together, both masquerading as the same person, with each wooing a different woman! Visit http://www.artsclub.com for tickets and information.

A Year With Frog and Toad A Year With Frog and Toad Review
Waterfront Theatre
3 March – 8 April 2012

After playing to sold out houses and critical acclaim in 2010, Carousel Theatre is proud to bring the musical treat A Year With Frog and Toad back to the Waterfront Stage for an encore run. Join Frog, Toad, and friends for four seasons of adventures, and enjoy your favorite songs and stories all over again. Arnold Lobel’s beloved amphibian heroes come to life on stage in this charming musical exploration of friendship and fun.  Visit http://www.carouseltheatre.ca for tickets and information.

Hello, Dolly! Hello, Dolly! Review
Capilano University
29 March – 7 April 2012

Exit 22, presents its final show of the season: Hello, Dolly! Follow Dolly Levi on a whirlwind race around New York City at the turn of the twentieth century, on her adventures as America’s most beloved matchmaker. Visit http://www2.capilanou.ca for tickets and information.

Victor Victoria Victor Victoria preview Review
Metro Theatre
17 March – 7 April 2012

We know we’re in Paris, but is this person a he or a she? A man or a woman? What confusion…what fun! Victor Victoria is an appealing, sophisticated show, based on the 1982 movie, starring Julie Andrews. It is about the career of the Paris entertainer Victoria Grant, who becomes a star female impersonator, only to fall in love-at-first-sight with macho King Marchan. Life’s complications are both hilarious and touching.  Visit http://www.metrotheatrevancouver.com for tickets and information.

Brave New Play Rites Brave New Play Rites
Dorothy Somerset Theatre, UBC
28 March – 1 April 2012

Comedies, tragedies, musicals, fairytales, dramas… All words that indicate what we are about to witness when the lights go down in the theatre, but what if you don’t want to choose just one of these genres? Luckily the 26th annual Brave New Play Rites festival is here to give you 15 minute theatre taste sensations. Visit http://www.bravenew.ca for more information.

The Great Canadian Trailer Park Musical The Great Canadian Trailer Park Musical preview
PAL Theatre
23 March – 1 April 2012

Ghost Light Projects is pleased to bring a little American white trash north of the border. There’s a new tenant at Armadillo Acres – and she’s wreaking havoc all over Florida’s most exclusive trailer park. When Pippi, the stripper on the run comes between Dr. Phil-loving, agoraphobic Jeannie and her tollbooth collector husband Norbert – the storms begin to brew!  Visit http://ghostlightprojects.com for tickets and information.

Macbeth Macbeth Review
Frederic Wood Theatre
22 – 31 March 2012

Murder, remorse and madness stalk this bloody tale of ambition and fate. Macbeth, Shakespeare’s brooding tragedy, digs into the dark territory of man’s lust for power and its bloody repercussions. Emboldened by the enigmatic visions of three witches, Lord Macbeth and his Lady give in to their aspirations and murder their way to the Scottish Crown. Fresh horrors unfold as violence breeds violence, and a reign born in blood quickly spirals out of control. This powerful and emotionally intense play will keep you on the edge of your seat.  Visit http://www.theatre.ubc.ca for more information.

FLOP! FLOP! Review
Studio 1398
22 March – 1 April 2012

For theatre director Jimmy Labbe, the success of his first show is life and death.  When he’s forced to oversee a production so horrible it cannot be saved, Jimmy Labbe watches his dreams hopelessly FLOP!.   Mortified, he manages to escape to his brother’s small-town home, only to find himself destined to FLOP! again in his worst nightmare: directing Romeo & Juliet at a high school.  Struggling to find redemption, he begins to learn what it truly means to be successful, and more importantly, what it truly means to FLOP!  Visit http://delinquenttheatre.com for more information.

4PLAY: New Work by Excited Writers 4PLAY: New Work by Excited Writers
Studio 58, Langara College
21 March – 1 April 2012

his year marks the 9th mounting of this popular festival of one-act plays, featuring original work by Studio 58 students, once again under the tutelage of award-winning playwright Aaron Bushkowsky. In two exciting programs, directed by four of BC’s best directors, the eight playwrights delve into contemporary themes with a sharp eye and fresh voice.  Visit http://www.studio58.ca for more information.

Doubt, A Parable Doubt, A Parable Review
Pacific Theatre
2 – 31 March 2012

How far would you go to protect a child? Sister Aloysius is faced with this very question. Her answer is swift and ferocious: if a child’s welfare is at stake, there is no time to waste. She acts. So when suspicions are raised that the young priest Father Flynn is spending too much time with one of the young male students, she does not hesitate. Hit by her fierce crusade Father Flynn is left to defend his actions, but without concrete proof on either side both are guided only by the strength of their convictions and the nagging of their doubts to guide them.  Visit http://www.pacifictheatre.org for tickets and information.

Gordon Gordon Review
Revue Stage, Granville Island
1 – 24 March 2012

Following their latest crime spree, Gordon and his sidekick, Carl, take refuge in a rundown house in an abandoned part of town. What unsuspecting Carl thinks is a B&E turns out to be a reunion—of sorts. Young Gordon has come home, and Old Gord couldn’t be happier—until, that is, he discovers the true nature of his son’s “business” ambitions.  Visit http://artsclub.com for tickets and information.

Chasing Home Chasing Home
Vancouver Playhouse Recital Hall
15 – 17 March 2012

Exploring themes of family, patriotism, and discrimination, Chasing Home takes place over three decades and two continents.  Visit http://www.screamingweenie.com for tickets and information.

Drag Queens On Trial Drag Queens On Trial LGBT Content! preview Review
PAL Theatre
10 – 18 March 2012

Check out this outrageous comedy of three Drag Queens on Trial for being Drag Queens! A captivating portrayal of the hardships of living life as a drag queen in our sometimes unforgiving society. With grace and dignity (well… not always) these three women are out to prove themselves. Doug Miller reprises the role written for him.  Visit http://ghostlightprojects.com for tickets and information.

Mother May I and The Pitch Mother May I and The Pitch LGBT Content! preview Review
PAL Theatre
9 – 15 March 2012

“Mother May I” tells the story going home to the prairies where racism, homophobia and alcoholism are just topics of banter and where two children battle it out to see who is the favourite. Sometimes rules just don’t apply. “The Pitch” is a tragi-comedy about a writer who is trying to write an autobiographical tv pilot. Problem is the writer is on drugs and his perception of things is clearly off. When “the pitch starts rolling the audience gets a wacky look into the world of gay drug culture”.  Visit http://ghostlightprojects.com for tickets and information.

How to Disappear Completely How To Disappear Completely
Shadbolt Centre Studio Theatre
7 – 10 March 2012

In September of 2000, when Itai Erdal found out his mother had been diagnosed with lung cancer, he rushed home to Israel to be her caregiver. Itai shot hours of footage, documenting his mother’s journey into illness, footage that now gives us a private window into their exceptional bond. Through on-stage lighting demonstrations, live translation and candid personal stories, How to Disappear Completely follows the story of his mother’s life and the unique circumstances surrounding her death.  Visit http://shadboltcentre.com for tickets and information.

Kismet one to one hundred Kismet one to one hundred
Gateway Theatre, Richmond
8 – 17 March 2012

In the spring of 2009, four artists set out across Canada to interview one hundred people, aged 1 through 100 about their experiences and beliefs around kismet—fate and destiny. What they discovered on the road, a myriad of personal stories of mystery, joy and endurance, became the anchor for a fascinating and intimate show that blends verbatim interviews with the travelers’ experiences.  Visit http://www.gatewaytheatre.com for tickets and information.

The Odd Couple (Female Version) The Odd Couple (Female Version) preview Review
Jericho Arts Centre
8 – 17 March 2012

This version of Neil Simon’s hilarious contemporary comedy is set in 1985, and in it, Felix becomes Florence, and Oscar becomes Olive. The poker party has been replaced by an evening of Trivial Pursuit with the girls, and the Pidgeon sisters, have morphed into the suave and debonair Constanzuela brothers.  Visit http://www.brownpapertickets.com for tickets and information.

Goodness Goodness
Firehall Arts Centre
6 – 11 March 2012

The story of a Jewish-Canadian writer, the descendant of Holocaust survivors, who after a heatbreak, goes on a journey to uncover his past. By chance, he meets a woman who has lived through a much more recent genocide. Together they explore individual responsibility, prejudice and revenge as the stage fills with music from around the world from Ukraine to Croatia to Zimbabwe.  Visit http://www.firehallartscentre.ca for more information.

King Lear King Lear preview Review
Havana Theatre
Through 17 March 2012

This unique production of KING LEAR will take audiences on a journey to the brink of madness. The vast landscape of Lear is condensed into the tiny space of the Havana. This is total immersion in an epic. Performers are never more than a couple feet from audience members, producing an experience as intimate as breath. This is full-contact Shakespeare, eye-to-eye and tactile. Visit http://honestfishmongers.blogspot.com for more information.

Intimate Apparel Intimate Apparel Review
Arts Club Granville Island Stage
Through 10 March 2012

It’s 1905. New York City. 35-year-old Esther is an independent African-American woman who makes a good living sewing exquisite undergarments and corsets for brides-to-be. But she yearns to wear one of her own creations. When a mysterious stranger from the Caribbean strikes up a pen-pal relationship, the romance that blooms promises to fulfill all her dreams.  Visit http://artsclub.com for tickets and information.

Hunchback Catalyst Theatre’s Hunchback Review
Vancouver Playhouse
Through 10 March

From the award-winning creators of Nevermore and Frankenstein. A darkly romantic musical set amid the buttresses and shadows of Notre Dame Cathedral, Hunchback tells the tale of a tormented priest, a beautiful dancer and the deformed bell ringer Quasimodo. Swept up in a vortex of lust, fear and the desire to control a destiny that will ultimately destroy them all, they are consumed by love in its most potent, merciless and obsessive form. This surprising new take on Victor Hugo’s famous story comes from the multi-award-winning creative team at Catalyst Theatre. Visit http://vancouverplayhouse.com for tickets and information.

Confessions of the Other Woman Confessions of the Other Woman
Performance Works
Through 11 March 2012

Confessions of the Other Woman is the moving portrayal of a modern woman driven by passion, racked by questions of integrity, and bound by a legacy of honour. Eve has met her soulmate Sam, who has a sense of humour, boundless charisma and a wife. Eve navigates the minefield of their mutual attraction while fending off the disquieting voice of Poh-Poh, her cherished Chinese grandmother.  Evocative imagery and MGM-style dances conjure up a world that blurs reality and fantasy – spanning cultures and continents in this timeless ode to love.  Visit http://www.vancouverplayhouse.com for tickets and information.

The Mystery of Edwin Drood The Mystery of Edwin Drood
Metro Theatre
Through 3 March 2012

This wildly warm-hearted theatrical experience kicks off when the Music Hall Royale “puts on” its flamboyant rendition of an unfinished Dickens mystery. The story itself deals with John Jasper, a Jekyll-and-Hyde choirmaster who is madly in love with his student, Miss Rosa Bud, who is, in turn, engaged to Jasper’s nephew, Edwin Drood. Drood disappears mysteriously one stormy Christmas Eve—but has Drood been murdered? And if so, then whodunit? It’s a musical mystery marathon to the finish as the audience and actors together decide the fate of young Edwin Drood. Visit http://fightingchanceproductions.ca for tickets and information.

The Ugly One The Ugly One
Jericho Arts Centre
Through 4 March 2012

With a successful career and happily married, Lette thought he was normal. When his career is put on hold, his boss informs him of his complete and utter ugliness. Turning to plastic surgery for help, Lette awakens with an Adonis-like face turning his world inside out. After the bandages come off Lette begins to question … is there such a thing as being too beautiful? The Ugly One is a scalpel sharp comedy about beauty, identity and getting ahead. Visit http://www.theuglyone.info for tickets and information.

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