Rick Tae is keeping busy

From the world of independent film to the world of independent theatre, Rick Tae is keeping busy.  And while he professes a love for both mediums, it is the immediacy of theatre that drew him from working on his new film John Apple Jack to directing an upcoming production of A… My Name is Alice.

From the world of independent theatre to the world of independent film, Rick Tae is keeping busy.

From the world of independent theatre to the world of independent film, Rick Tae is keeping busy.

“I spent a lot of years developing John Apple Jack and anyone that has worked in film and television knows how long a project can take to finally get to an audience,” says Tae.  “I missed the immediacy of the audience that you get with theatre which led me to directing the play.

A… My Name is Alice is the award-winning musical revue first produced in 1983 towards the end of the second-wave feminist movement and features 20-some songs and sketches that talk of a woman’s relationship with other women.

“It was definitely a play of the times,” explains Tae as to the show’s origins.  “But as a cast we talked about its relevancy today, wondering if the word feminism was even relevant now.  During those discussions we found that even though feminism isn’t a strong word in our vocabulary, women still face many barriers thirty years later.”

As a gay Asian, Tae says he can also relate to what these women are experiencing, finding empathy for their ongoing struggles.

“Being in North America I often have to almost mask my ambitions and be humbled in order to find my place or find people that would champion me,” compares Tae.  “I talk to a lot of woman that relate to that who have to play at being less ambitious as it can be seen in negative terms.”

From theatre to film, a lack of ambition is definitely not part of Tae’s vocabulary as along with directing the upcoming production of A… My Name is Alice he has just finished participating in Q-Actors Connecting and is in post-production of his independent feature film John Apple Jack, the queer story of childhood friends that reconnect at a wedding.

Twelve years since he began writing the script, Tae will soon have a finished product, but like any film project it will still take some time to find an audience.

“We’ll be submitting it to film festivals soon,” says Tae.  “It will go out onto the festival circuit with sponsorship from OutTV who will also eventually broadcast it.”

A … My Name is Alice

August 16 – 25, 2013 at Studio 1398, 1398 Cartwright Street, Granville Island.  Tickets are available online at http://aalice.brownpapertickets.com.

John Apple Jack

Release date unknown.  Visit the movie’s Facebook page for more information and watch for it on the film festival circuit and OutTV.

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