Control the lights over English Bay with your own personalised light show

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Back in November we reported on Canadian artist Rafael Lozano-Hemmer’s Vectorial Elevation installation which illuminates Vancouver’s English Bay every night with light shows designed by visitors to the Vectorial Elevation website.  Now is your chance to get in on the fun and create your own Vancouver light show.

Since its start on February 4, 2010, the Vectorial Elevation light show has been programmed hundreds of times by people from around the world simply by manipulating the lights through a web-based interace at

Of course, you knew we had to give it a try ourselves and with relative ease we designed what we thought was a stellar light show for Vancouver!  But don’t take our word for it, check out the photo below and tell us it isn’t the prettiest light show in the night sky you’ve ever seen! And then give it a try yourself.  You will receive a notice when you light show has appeared including live photos from different vantage points of it while it was happening.  What a great (free) Olympic souvenir!

Vectorial Vancouver lights programmed by GayVancouver.Net (Gay Vancouver Online)

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