Getting the most out of your Vancouver 2010 experience

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On the eve of the Vancouver Winter Olympics, here are a few tips to help you get the most from your experience.

In the city:

01Be sure to dress for cold and wet weather. Metro Vancouver has a beautiful, temperate climate but it can be unpredictable. Be prepared for changing conditions by wearing waterproof, layered clothing that protects against wind and cold. You may be in a chilly indoor environment for several hours, or required to wait outside for up to an hour while we unload the venue from the previous event.

02Folding, collapsible umbrellas are permitted. Umbrellas that are small enough to go under your seat (under 60 centimetres when closed) will be permitted inside the venues. Rain ponchos will also be available for sale at most venues.

In the mountains:

01Remember to wear windproof, waterproof hats, scarves, gloves or mittens. At mountain venues you may be outside for extended periods of time with limited or no access to shelter.

02Wear comfortable and well-insulated winter boots with good traction. At mountain venues, you may be required to walk on slippery, snow-covered slopes. Remember to wear waterproof, appropriate shoes at city venues as well.

What to bring (all venues):

01Carry the smallest bag possible. There is limited space within the venue seating area and no bag check available. If you have a bag smaller than a bread box (15 cm x 15 cm x 30 cm), or no bag at all, you can use the public screening area express lane into the venue.

02Do you have your tickets with you? Are they for the correct venue, session, date, and time?

03Have you checked the list of prohibited and restricted items? The list is available in the spectator guide that was delivered with your tickets, as well as on maps available at Vancouver 2010 information kiosks in downtown Vancouver, at tourism offices and online

04Visa and cash are the only forms of payment accepted at Venues.  Visa is also the only card accepted at official venue ATM machines.

05Snacks and beverages are permitted on the Olympic bus network but outside food and beverages are NOT permitted inside venues.

How to get there:

01Remember: there is no parking at any of the Olympic venues.

02Walking, biking and transit are going to be your best bet for getting around.  Visit for more information.

03Avoid missing your event by ensuring you have secured your seat on the Olympic bus network. It is the ONLY way to get to Cypress and is the quickest way to Whistler.  Visit for more information.

04Your Olympic ticket gets you free access to Translink (Seabus, Skytrain, Metro Vancouver buses) for the entire day of the event.

05Arrive early.  Gates open two hours before competitions at city venues and three hours at mountain venues.

06Prepare for airport-like security screening at venues including metal detectors (empty your pockets) and searches of all bags.

Vancouver Winter Olympic MascotsFor the most up-to-date information available now and during the Games, visit

There you will find information on transportation options, venue specific recommendations and directions, ceremonies and celebration information, as well as providing detailed lists of prohibited and restricted actions and items.

You can also sign up for immediate alerts and notifications via e-mail or if you own a Samsung mobile phone you can download the spectator guide to your phone.

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