Olympic transportation plan calls for 30% reduction in vehicle traffic in downtown Vancouver

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The 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Transportation Team (OPTT) released its transportation plan for the Greater Vancouver area calling for a 30% reduction in vehicle traffic in downtown Vancouver and key corridors which will result in some signficant changes and challenges for residents and businesses.

BC PlaceIncluded in the plan is a request for travellers to and from the downtown core to travel before 7am or after 9am and leave by 2pm or after 7pm.

“Our message to every resident and business owner is that we need everyone to pull together to make this a success by doing their part,” said Terry Wright, VANOC’s executive vice president of services and Games operations, on behalf of OPTT.

“This means we need everyone to think of ways to reduce vehicle traffic into downtown Vancouver, on the Lions Gate and Iron Workers’ Memorial (Second Narrows) bridges, on the Sea to Sky Highway, and in Whistler by at least 30 per cent. The best way to get where you need to go and avoid delays is by planning ahead, avoiding peak travel times and knowing your transportation options now before you step out the door in February 2010,” he added.

To help residents and businesses plan ahead, the OPTT launched www.travelsmart2010.ca, a website portal with the most up-to-date transportation information available now and during the Games.

The OPTT also stated fine-tuning of the the transportation plan will continue right up until the games begin in February.



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