Vancouver 2010 reveals workforce and volunteer uniforms

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Looking for a Vancouver 2010 employee or volunteer during the Games? Keep your eyes peeled for people wearing bright blue winter jackets with the Olympic Rings or Paralympic agitos on the back.

Vancouver 2010 reveals workforce and volunteer uniformsThe jackets, in a vibrant blue called “wave” with a subtle pattern were revealed today as part of the official workforce uniform by the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (VANOC) and the Hudson’s Bay Company, which designed and produced the uniform.

In addition to the waterproof jackets, the estimated 30,000 members of the workforce, including volunteers, will be kitted out with navy pants, as well as a toque, two long-sleeve inner layer T-shirts with the same pattern as the jacket and a vest. Three specific staff groups will also be uniquely identified with full sleeve armbands for easy recognition: medical in red, event services in yellow and anti-doping personnel in purple.

“Designing a workforce uniform for the Winter Games is a tough task,” said John Furlong, VANOC’s CEO. “They need to be functional and warm with lots of layers for working in all types of weather and they need to be stylish and show up against a white landscape. The Hudson’s Bay Company has produced a uniform that our workforce will be proud to wear and will always treasure as a keepsake of the Games.”

An ingenious design twist allows the uniforms to be used for both the Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. On the back of the jacket, six snaps are positioned to allow a patch with the Paralympic agitos to cover the Olympic Rings come March and the beginning of the Paralympic Winter Games. On the front of the jacket, a Velcro and rubber patch will enable the wearer to switch out the Vancouver 2010 Olympic emblem for the Paralympic emblem.

Workforce members will officially start wearing the Olympic uniform on February 4, 2010 and the Paralympic uniform on March 6, 2010.



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