2015 Vancouver Pride Parade: Gender Super Heroes


No big surprise here that our third pick this week is the annual Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival.

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The Vancouver Pride Society has named its theme for the 2015 Vancouver Pride Parade in August. Gender Super Heroes is not only intended to showcase the diversity of our community, but will also provide role models that reflect and inspire.

“Growing up, who inspired you to be Proud? Was it a flamboyant superhero, an out family member, an LGBTQ2+ icon?  Be that hero this year, and inspire new generations to come out and be proud,” say organizers. “Pride is for everyone, and the 2015 Vancouver Pride Parade will reflect that diversity and inclusivity.”

This year’s Grand Marshals reflect that theme, with three members of the Vancouver LGBTQ community chosen to lead this year’s parade: Roan Reimer, Michelle Fortin, and Romi Chandra Herbertt.

“The parade committee selected the Grand Marshals because of their outstanding leadership in the LGBTQ2+ community and because they are gender super heroes in their own right,” say organizers.

Roan Reimer is a youth transgender activist working primarily within schools and education. Roan served on the Vancouver School Board’s Pride Advisory Committee and participated in writing the revision of the school district’s policy on sexual orientation and gender identity.Roan went on to become the student figurehead of the movement.

Michelle Fortin has been involved community development and community activism for years and is the outgoing President of the Dyke March & Festival Society. She has also been a member of the City of Vancouver’s LGBTQ2+ Committee.

Romi Chandra Herbert started British Columbia’s first Gay/Straight Alliance in Maple Ridge, and was a volunteer with Youthquest, an organization to help create safe spaces for rural queer youth. Romi has also been active with QMUNITY, North Shore Multicultural Society and Vancouver Coastal Health.

The 2015 Vancouver Pride Parade and Festival takes place on Sunday, August 2 beginning at Noon with the parade winding through the streets of the West End to the festival location at Sunset Beach. Visit http://vancouverpride.ca for more information.

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