Unleash your inner geek at Vancouver Pride this year

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Out to prove that Vancouver Pride really is for everyone, BC Superfriends, a group of queer geeks and their allies, are looking to crowd-funding for their entry in the 2013 Vancouver Pride Parade.

BC Superfriends creator Justin Saint as Queen Amidala.

BC Superfriends creator Justin Saint as Queen Amidala.

Growing out of the Vancouver Gaymers group, BC Superfriends was created as a safe space for local geeks to gather regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

“At standard geek events and online, it can be easy to  run into discriminatory language or behaviour against  queer persons,” says the group’s creator Justin Saint and while he believes things are getting better, comments such as ‘that is so gay’ and ‘you are such a faggot’ continue to be used, especially online.

“It turned me off to online gaming a lot,” admits Saint.  “That is why we created BC Superfriends, so queer geeks can be themselves and meet other queers in a safe environment.”

Part of the local geek community for a few years now, Saint participates in crossplay, an offshoot of cosplay or costume play where participants dress up as fictional characters, dressing up as Queen Amidala from the Star Wars franchise.

“Lots of people think I think I am a girl and it threw off a lot of straight geeks,” laughs Saint.

To help fund their Pride parade float, BC Superfriends have taken to online crowd-funding site IndieGogo and a goal to raise $1,000.00.   Like most crowd-funding campaigns, donors will receive various perks based on the size of their donation that include such things as novelty items and Cosplay (Costume Play) convention passes, and even a spot on the float itself.

With its Pride parade entry being all about visibility, creativity and celebration, the float will feature designs by some of Vancouver’s Cosplay creators and will truly to allow them to unleash their inner geek.

The BC Superfriends can be found on Facebook.  You can contribute to their Pride fundraiser online at http://www.indiegogo.com.

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